W.O. 18-22 Leavens Reservoir Water Line and Improvements

City of Billings- completed 8/23/21

Contract Amount: $2,073,140.00

Work Performed:
Site demolition, reservoir inlet, outlet and overflow pipe work, site piping for second overflow, new inlet/outlet and Zone waterline, construction of a new overflow structure, reservoir baffle wall repairs and other surface repairs, temporary provisions at Willett Reservoir for heating inlet piping.

Rawhide Transmission Main, Yellowstone County

County Water District of Billings Heights - completed 7/31/20

Contract Amount: $1,025,300.92

Work Performed:Approximately 3,820 LF of 18-inch, 600 LF of 12-inch, 80 LF of 8-inch, and 30 LF of 6-inch water main installed via open-cut methods through county
rights-of-way and private land owned by the District. Work will include up to six connections to existing water mains, as well as typical water main appurtenances
including, but not limited to, fire hydrants, gate valves, butterfly valves, elbows, tees, combination air-vac, precast concrete structures, a blow-off assembly,
asphalt paving, and minor electrical work.

City of Missoula - Reserve Street Lift Station

Missoula, MT April 2020
Contract Amount:
Work Performed:
Construction of a new lift station including installation of owner-supplied submersible pumps in the new wet well along with associated piping, valves, and fittings. Construction of a new valve vault, demolition of an existing lift station, the conversion of existing wet well into a new manhole. New 36" Gravity Sewer Main, and dewatering.

Thayne Water Storage Project

Thayne WY Oct 2019

Contract Amount: $918,314.50

Work Performed: Construct 300,000 gallon concrete water tank. Installation of 680LF of 10" HDPE water pipe plus all site work for new road and slope to tank. Work included sandblasting, coating of existing tank and modification of internal overflow.

Lockwood Intake & Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Lockwood Water & Sewer District - completed April 2019
Contract Amount:

Work Performed:
Demolition of existing raw water pumping structure, construction of new raw water pump station building and intake pump tubes, and dewatering. Installation of new raw water pumps, air purge system, station, and piping. Install new water piping including 24", and buried yard pipe, new chlorination equipment installation of mixers.

W.O. 17-01 24th St W Water Main, Night Work Project

Owner City of Billings

September 2017

Billings, MT
Installation of 800 LF of 20-inch, 1800 LF of 16-inch and 900 LF of 12-inch and smaller water main replacement. The project included all fittings, valves, hydrants, and appurtenances; service reconnections and associated work.

Briarwood Reservoir Expansion

Owner City of Billings

Contract Amount:$3,430,112

Work Performed: The project included construction of a 750,000 gallon pre-stressed concrete water tank, including a foundation of drilled piers. It also included demolition of an existing 180,000 gallon bolted steel water tank and sitework including earthwork, ductile iron water main, PVC water main and erosion control measures.

Five Mile Lift Station

Owner City of Billings - 2224 Montana Ave. - Billings, MT 59101

Contract Amount: $2,094,891

Work Performed: Installation of 1,304 LF of 12-inch force main, 1,073 LF of 24-inch gravity sewer main, lift station and creek bypass.

W.O. 08-25 Chapple Reservoir Expansion

Owner City of Billings - 2224 Montana Ave. - Billings, MT 59101

Contract Amount: $5,325,715

Work Performed: Installation of a 2.0 million gallon pre-stressed water storage tank. The work included 50,000 CY of mass excavation, piping, access roads, vaults, manholes, tank aeration mixing system, electrical and controls and site restoration.

W.O. 09-13 Staples Redundant Water Main

Owner City of Billings - PO Box 1178 - Billings, MT 59103

Contract Amount: $1,887,083

Work Performed: 6,365 LF 24" Water Main / 1,012 LF 16" Water Main